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Social lock is a service that allows you to hide a specific content on your website pages and provide access to it after a set period of time or after a user has shared the content to their social media.

First, select the icon set for the social lock. To do so, tick the desired social media buttons on the social media panel. You can preview the set on the left panel.

After that, you may want to customize the appearance for the social lock pop-up. Choose a window style and icon style, write your own notification text and set up a timer.

Don't forget to specify the type of content you want to lock: everything on the page, a button, a link or certain HTML code. You can use only one social lock per page.

Subscription to newsletter

The service is available for MailChimp. To use the widget, fill in the API key and Audience ID fields.

First, log in to your MailChimp account, go to your profile in the bottom left corner, and select Account. On the page that will open, select Extras > API keys.

If you already have an API key, it will be shown under Your API Keys. Otherwise, click Create Key to create a new one.

Now you need a MailChimp Audience that you are going to add subscribers to using the Share widget. Go to Audience > All contacts. On the page that will open, click on Settings > Audience name and campaign defaults. Here you can find the Audience ID.

Mandatory check for likes/shares

With the help of this option you can give access to content only if the user has shared the post to their profile or liked it. Available for Facebook.

For the correct work of the chosen features, you need to create an app in a corresponding social media. The settings in the social media app and social lock settings on uSocial should match for this to work.

Sharing text

Activating this feature will allow you to set the caption to the shared link on any selected social network.

Social locker timer

Period of time in seconds. Once it expires the user will get access to the hidden content without clicking on the Share button.

At the end of the widget settings, specify the website address where the social lock will be placed and click "Get code". Copy the embed code from the window that will open and add it in the HTML code of your site between the <body> and </body> tags.

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