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The Like button set allows your site visitors to like the publications that they prefer and immediately share them via their social media channels.

First, add the desired amount of buttons from the social media panel to your set. You will be able to preview your current set on the left.

To install Like buttons for Facebook, you need to create an app and enter an App ID into the corresponding field.

If necessary, you can customize your Like buttons: choose position, orientation, and some additional options.

Static position

Use the static position to display the social bar at a specific place on your website where the code will be embedded. Unlike other positions, buttons will be displayed without a background.

Don't share this page function

With our buttons, you can share not only the pages on which they are located, but also other links, if necessary.

You can add several different sets of Like buttons to the page. For example, if there are several posts on the page and you want to give your users an opportunity to like each post individually. To do this, set a custom post URL for each set by selecting the "use the url which is different from this page's one" setting. This function is available only to accounts with a paid plan.

Finally, indicate the address of the site where you want to place the set and click "Get Code". Copy the embed code from the window that will open and add it to the HTML code of your site between the <body> and </body> tags.

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