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Why choose uSocial?

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Our primary focus is the convenience and visual mode of the uSocial builder. We want to make sure that even a complete beginner in the sphere of website building can use our service with ease.

Elegant design.

uSocial offers beautiful buttons for beautiful sites. We build buttons in a way so that they match any website design. Also, we keep on adding new button designs.

Only the most important things.

We decided to launch our service with the set of the most popular social media so that our users don't get confused and overwhelmed with their choice. But this set is going to be expanded in the future.

Convenience for everyone.

In the static position our buttons are visible at all times, but every visitor of your site can hide them at any moment and then unhide when they decide to share something with friends.

Analytics and stats.

Don't be afraid of switching from your current button providers to us. We will immediately calculate likes and shares from your previous experience. When you install our buttons, we will provide you with all the needed data (even things that Twitter can't track). It is displayed in a colorful and easy-to-comprehend graphs in the Control Panel. In the future, we're planning to integrate even more detailed statistics for your site, including the stats on the most popular pages and more.

Help and support.

Have issues? Need help? We have customer support — always available and ready to help. Found bug or error — report it to our agents in a live chat or let us know in the comments.

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