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Placing multiple Share buttons on the page

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Allow your website visitors to share your posts without going to the post’s page. How? Place Share buttons into the Appearance of entries template to make it look like this:

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Upgrade to the PRO Plan
  • Create a Share buttons set
  • Place the button set’s code on the website

Create a Share button set

Create a new Share button set:

In the settings, scroll down to the "Don’t share this page" option and check "use the URL which is different from the page’s one":

In the field that will appear, specify the website’s domain name and the template’s variable that takes to the post’s page:$ENTRY_URL$ or$ENTRY_URL$. This value will be added into the data-url attribute:


In the future, you can change the value of this attribute in the website’s template as you think fit. That’s why you won’t need to create an individual set for a forum, simply change the value of the data-url attribute to $THREAD_URL$ in the generated code:


Also, in the mobile settings activate the disable mobile version option:

Now save the set and copy the received code:

Place the set’s code on the website

Open the Control Panel of the website and head over to "Design > Design management (templates)". On the page that will appear, choose the "Appearance of entries" template of the module you want to add the Share buttons to. For example, "Ad Board":

Paste the code you have received earlier (1) and click on the "Save" button (2):

The installation is complete!

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