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How Do I Install Buttons on my WordPress Site?

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Create a button set using this guide and then copy its HTML code. Add this code to the pages of your WordPress website.

How Do I Install Buttons on the Website Sidebar?

When creating a button set, you need to choose a static button position.

To do this, go to the WordPress dashboard and choose Appearance -> Widgets on the left menu:

Select "Text" and click "Add" on the list of widgets:

You will see a form for adding a widget:

  • 1. Enter the widget name
  • 2. Paste the HTML code which you received upon creating your button set
  • 3. Select the widget position
  • 4. Save changes

After that, you will see the new widget added to your website:

Please note that you can use only the static button position. This way, the buttons are displayed at the particular place where you have added them:

How Do I Install Buttons at Any Place on My Website?

Choose Appearance -> Editor on the left menu of the Dashboard:

Select the desired template from the right column:

In the template editor, add the code to the preferred place:

Save the changes. That’s it! The buttons have been installed on your website.

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