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Installing buttons into a Wordpress website

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Create a button set using this guide  and then copy its HTML code. Now you need to add this code to the pages of your Wordpress website.

Installing buttons into the website’s sidebar

When creating a button set, you need to choose a static button position.

Go to the Wordpress Dashboard and from the left menu choose Appearance > Widgets:

From the list of widgets, select Text and click Add:

You will see a form for adding a widget:

  • 1. Enter a widget name
  • 2. Paste the HTML code which you received upon creating your button set
  • 3. Select the widget position
  • 4. Save changes

After that, you will see the new widget added to your website:

Please note that you can use only the static button position. This way, the buttons are displayed in the particular place where you have added them:

Installing buttons to any place on your website

From the left menu of your Dashboard, choose Appearance > Editor:

From the column on the right, choose a suitable template:

In the template editor, add the code to the preferred place:

Save changes. That’s it! The buttons have been installed to your website.

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